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Unintentional HTML Learning Day!

14 Jun

Screen shot 2013-06-14 at 4.56.54 PM

Whewy! This has been an exhausting process!  I have been trying to customize my website (using tumblr as my hosting site).  While most of the layout was alright, I wanted to change the background, the favicon and the header. I figured I will share what I learned (and the resources I used/dissected) to get the end result 🙂

Basic Scroll Box
First off, I learned how to do this neat box that can scroll (link). I learned it just for this blog post so it wouldn’t be too messy! You’re welcome 😉

<div style=”width: 400px; height: 60px; line-height: 1em; overflow: auto; padding: 2px; border: 4px double #DEBB07;”>Text Goes Here</div>

Scroll Box with Custom Background

@charset “utf-8”;
body {
background-color: {color:Background Color};
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-attachment: fixed;
background-position: Bottom Left;
cursor: url(“”), default;
Also kinda learned how to do this constrained table box thing...but we'll save that for another time

Scroll Box with Pictured
Learned how to do a scroll box with pictures in them too – sweet!

Sample picture for scroll box: Milford Sound, New Zealand

Sample picture for scroll box: Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand

That’s it for now, I am working on some other things as well, I will share as I go 🙂

Happy Friday!


TT: Retro Landscape Photo

5 Jun

I saw this quote today and knew I had to do something with it right away. I figured I should learn something new while I was at it and I went to my favorite default blog for tutorials, Blog Spoon Graphics.

For the following image, I used this tutorial and one of the amazing photos my sister took when she helped me move down to Arizona and we visited the Grand Canyon.

Screen shot 2013-06-04 at 10.49.30 PM

How It Feels to Be a Freelance Designer

31 May

Sometimes I think people focus too much on the word “free” in freelance designer.

This freelancer does a great job illustrating our daily struggle!


Project Draw Again

9 Oct

Post Accounts For: October 9, 2012

For years my brother has been working on an incredible story where I won’t and can’t give away more details than what the drawings will portray.  He is bursting with creativity and ideas. For a while, I was doing illustrations for him, but always hid them away in shame because they were never “perfect”.  Well I am done with that stigma because all it has done is paralyze me and prevent me from doing NOTHING at all.  Back to the drawing board, literally.

These drawings are from 2009, let’s see what I can have done by the end of this week.

TT: Tutorial Time – Abstract Lines and Cosmic Space

8 Oct

Post Accounts For: October 7  & 8, 2012

Taking a break today from HDTE (Hand Drawn Text Exploration) in favor of doing some tutorials.  I adore Chris Spooner’s tutorials over at Blog Spoon Graphics.

Today, I decided to follow the below listed tutorials to make some pretty friggin awesome art.  Also, I am sorry, I have been fascinated by this quote, in fact, quite driven by it.  I’ll stop using it in further pieces, I promise 😉

Grainy Abstract Lines Poster

Cosmic Shards

After I completed the tutorial, I decided that I wanted to brighten this one up a bit, inspired by the newly fallen snow here in Minnesota.

HDTE: Work Smarter AND Harder

5 Oct

Post Accounts For: October 5 & 6, 2012
See Day 1 of HDTE Here

See Day 1 of HDTE Here

Today is a two-fer, for the first half of the weekend.  Below are illustrated text and doodles of the following quotes:

“We work smarter AND harder.”

“We eat ides for breakfast.”

HDTE: Where is my Mind?

4 Oct

Post Accounts For: October 4, 2012
See Day 1 of HDTE Here

I found the following quote while listening to Where is my Mind? by Yoav on Youtube.  It was (and currently may still be?) the top comment.

Quote: “If you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wanders.”