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Creative Process Cheat Sheet

2 Jun

Creative Process Cheat Sheet

I have been finding myself getting stuck at times…and I sometimes forget to use my creative process. I decided to make this cheat sheet/inspiration sheet real quick for myself when I get stuck.

What does your creative process look like?


Web Design: Text Editor Coding

14 May

At the recommendation of my peers, I’d like to download Notepad++, however this is a Windows application and my main computer is an iMac.

A peer was so kind to post a review of 7 text editors, and I decided to try Text Wrangler for my iMac.

What would really would be great though is to probably use something like Sublime Text – it is cross platform. (albeit not free)

So using Text Wrangler, I created this beautiful masterpiece:

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 1.47.37 PM

Web Design: Hand Written Coding

14 May

Please excuse the size and quality of the photo – I don’t have a camera, only my smart phone (which is actually a step up since a month ago when I only had my dumb phone! ;))

Onward and upward to course #3!

13 - 1

Web Design: My Magnificent Blog Post

14 May

Per my graphic design course at Mozilla School of Webcraft (yes I did choose this program partially for the Harry Potter reference) I must write a blog post about why I am getting into web design:

The biggest reason I am getting into web design is because of a little game that I played when I was younger on AOL dial-up called Neopets.

I have always been a computer nerd and gamer ever since my father brought home a computer back in 1997. At first I used the computer to play games and/or watch my brother play games such as: King, Heroes of Might and Magic, Doom, and Sims City.  I also would use the computer’s paint program and practice my art (I thought drawing on the computer was pretty magical).

Thanks to Neopets, I taught myself HTML at 10 years old.  I wanted to make “pages” for my pets (unfortunately they are no longer around, how fun would it be to see my very first websites!).  When I found a web design element that I liked and wanted to use and Neopets did not teach it (this was before Google), I would dissect the code myself to learn what made each website tick.  I even thought to myself when I was younger, “This would be really fun to do as a living when I grow up!”  However, my silly young brain told me that, “By the time I grow up, all the websites will be designed and it wouldn’t be a plausible career path for me.”  Now I see the error of my ways, and as they say, “Better late than never”.

Web design marries two of my passions – art and science (design and coding).  I am excited to embark on this journey and excited to see where it takes me.

– Cheek out

Project Draw Again

9 Oct

Post Accounts For: October 9, 2012

For years my brother has been working on an incredible story where I won’t and can’t give away more details than what the drawings will portray.  He is bursting with creativity and ideas. For a while, I was doing illustrations for him, but always hid them away in shame because they were never “perfect”.  Well I am done with that stigma because all it has done is paralyze me and prevent me from doing NOTHING at all.  Back to the drawing board, literally.

These drawings are from 2009, let’s see what I can have done by the end of this week.

TT: Tutorial Time – Abstract Lines and Cosmic Space

8 Oct

Post Accounts For: October 7  & 8, 2012

Taking a break today from HDTE (Hand Drawn Text Exploration) in favor of doing some tutorials.  I adore Chris Spooner’s tutorials over at Blog Spoon Graphics.

Today, I decided to follow the below listed tutorials to make some pretty friggin awesome art.  Also, I am sorry, I have been fascinated by this quote, in fact, quite driven by it.  I’ll stop using it in further pieces, I promise 😉

Grainy Abstract Lines Poster

Cosmic Shards

After I completed the tutorial, I decided that I wanted to brighten this one up a bit, inspired by the newly fallen snow here in Minnesota.

HDTE: Work Smarter AND Harder

5 Oct

Post Accounts For: October 5 & 6, 2012
See Day 1 of HDTE Here

See Day 1 of HDTE Here

Today is a two-fer, for the first half of the weekend.  Below are illustrated text and doodles of the following quotes:

“We work smarter AND harder.”

“We eat ides for breakfast.”